As the 2030 benchmark of the "return to zero" movement is approaching, Nike has adopted environmentally friendly and updated materials and equipped some of its most popular styles. The latest model is the Nike Blazer Mid 77 , with a low-key color scheme. Its upper is mainly made of leather. On the top of the toes and the side forefoot, however, indulge in not only the contrasting suede material, but also the "smoky gray" hue. The stitching on the side stitching further deviates from the soft tone of the two, and its "electric green" makeup also injects vitality into the brand on the inner side and tongue. However, the most noteworthy detail of the new option is the material exposed under the side swoosh logo, similar to the debris that may be found when cleaning the vacuum. Under the feet, the sole unit gives up any eye-catching or sustainable accents and instead is a tried-and-tested white component.

New 2021 Jordans is expected to be an eventful season for releases, however, it seems that more leaks occur every day. In the latest wave, Air Jordan 3 surfaced in a clean "racing blue" color scheme. Like past iterations, cement printing will decorate toes and heels, although their cracks are visually obscured by dark black. Adjacent, the leather upper sways in a simple white, while the upper and instep accents are similar to the neutral perforated plate. The nominal racing blue, then through trapeze embroidery, midsole decoration, and eyelets on the top and bottom of the eye.

Since its official debut in July, Nike Air Vapormax 2020 Flyknit has accumulated a large number of impressive color schemes. Its latest exhibition, arguably the most unique, ostensibly uses a subtle American-influenced plan to celebrate the postponed Olympic Games. Throughout the knitted fabric, red, yellow and blue flaws can be seen everywhere. Their bright tones complement the background color, appearing black at some angles, and dark blue at other angles. The Swoosh logo is stitched on the side contour and then highlighted by its red string. This hue complements the heel pull and the text locked and released by the Flyease system. Elsewhere, a beam of light with almost no volts will squeeze into the tongue, lining, and the back of the aforementioned fastener.