Sneakerheads2020 will release their own Nike SB Dunk Low in 2021, showing popular silhouettes from a new perspective and running through the theme of splicing. Nike SB Dunk Low is a must-have shoe for 2020 and 2021 next year, but this shoe is still a must-have. Although next year's production may increase and there will be more shoes to choose from, Nike SB knows how to deal with demand. From its early appearance, the new year will bring huge new changes to the design. This concert will be all about wasting youth and receiving your own exclusive double with the streetwear label. It features a black denim upper, and the leather overlay is added through stitching to bring a new look to the dunk. The white heel adds the Wasted Youth brand, while the red embroidery is included on the heel and the Nike Swoosh logo on the inside, thanks to the rose design around the Nike Swoosh.

New Drop Jordans will launch a special Jordan 1 series in the summer of 2021, specifically designed for coaches who play an important role in the lives of athletes around the world. Check out the upcoming "To My First Coach" Air Jordan 1 collection. We have seen Jordan Brand and Nike pay tribute to their alma mater, high school, entertainment center and even parents, but now they are beginning to pay tribute to coaches, to be precise the first batch of coaches. Every athlete probably remembers their first coach. Whether it is the coaches who instilled a love of the game, taught people a valuable lesson, or played a vital role in their years of development. Now, in order to meet the special triple threat, three different Jordan 1 editions will be added with special themes, Air Jordan 1 Zoom, Air Jordan 1 Mid and Air Jordan 1 Low. Each model will feature sail, white, zither and light yellow, although no leaked images have surfaced yet.

The Los Angeles Trade Union will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2021, and there will be various collaborations, including another Nike collaboration. The Los Angeles Trade Union opened in 1991 in the same place it still occupies 30 years later. Latest Jordan UK opened a joint store with Stussy in Los Angeles called "the Stussy Union." Eddie has been a key member of the federation since Mary Ann Fusco and James Jebbia opened the initial joint space in New York’s Soho district two years ago. But Eddie decided to move to Los Angeles and brought the union here to him. Now in 2021, UNION officially established its 30th anniversary, and it has developed into one of the most popular acquired brands, and the Nike/Jordan series is helpful in this regard. Now, to celebrate the 30th anniversary, the union will work with several different brands to help them reach today's level, and of course Nike will also be included. So far, we are not quite sure what the series will contain, but we hope to have a complete line of shoes and clothing.